English Pronunciation Rule 4

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连读 4

元+辅+元=浊化 辅:p t k


water daughter letter writer better party meter matter meeting eating getting photo later -ity: city ability possibility creativity responsibility


  1. pick it up捡起来
  2. put it on穿上
  3. keep it up!加油
  4. Think about it.好好考虑下
  5. Not at all一点也不
  6. Take it easy放松点
  7. Get out of here.= Get outta here出去
  8. Don’t worry about it.不用担心

  9. Get away from me..走开!
  10. Get ofs the car.下车
  11. Have you got it?听明白了吗?
  12. Could you please keep it down?你能小声点吗?
  13. Don’ t forget to keep in touch.别忘了保持联系。
  14. What a surprise!真是惊喜啊!
  15. She’ s a straight a student.她是个学霸。


  1. stand stop stamp station student mistake
  2. ski skin skate skill
  3. school sky scan discussion
  4. speak spend sport inspect spicy expensive expect
  5. construction Australia history

    注意:如果辅音后面没有元音,就不存在浊化的问题。如: grasp, test, desk等,仍发清辅音。


little battle bottle cattle n.牲畜 title标题

kettle n.壶 settle y.解决定居 Seatle西雅图


twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety