Shopping 购物常用的英语词汇

cash back,coupon,limited-time offer, special offer, steal, worth

Posted by 叉叉敌 on February 21, 2021



The coupon is not valid if detached.

Tear off this coupon and use it to get 25p off your next jar of coffee.


特价 Special offer - complete set for only £5.99.

You can enjoy a special offer for new subscribers.

限时优惠 The offer is for a limited time though, but in comparison Apple’s Itunes music match service will only allow users to back up 20,000 non-itune songs for 24.99 a year.



All the journalists were given a freebie lunch.

Today’s episode won’t cost you anything! Freebie.

cash back


So if you complete that well, Lingoda are going to give you fifty per cent of your cash back.

It’s vintage. And I got one percent cash back.


这段时间持续; And with further rain and strong winds forecast thoughout the week, things may well get worse before they get better.

这段时间 Sugar is under allocation during war time.

到什么时候stop停止 His new book is a demonstration of his patriotism.