English Pronunciation Rule 1

Posted by 察说花园 on March 3, 2019


  1. Good afternoon ! My name is Linda.
  2. What’s this in English? It's a jacket.
  3. What time is it? It’s five o‘clock.
  4. How do you spell it
  5. one of us
  6. one hour and a half
  7. on a foggy day
  8. I’m an English boy.


  1. Kill him./ For him.
  2. It has been a _week
  3. Has he done it before?
  4. Can He do it ?
  5. Must he go?
  6. Leave him alone.
  7. Tell him to ask her.
  8. Let him go.
  9. I can’t reach him


  1. There is a football under it.
  2. There are 200 students in the school.
  3. Here is a letter for you.
  4. Here are four eggs.
  5. Where is my cup?
  6. Where are my sock2
  7. Go for it.
  8. Far away
  9. For example
  10. There is a pair of sunglasses on the desk
  11. I looked for it here and there.